Health is the condition of the mind and the body. A healthy lifestyle refers to the way or manner of living which enables you to develop a condition of the mind and body which is free of disease and sickness. Each and every decision you make or any activity you engage in affects your lifestyle either negatively or positively.

This call for proper planning by every individual in his or her activities and making sound decisions, which would affect her or his health positively.There are certain activities which can tremendously improve your healthy lifestyle. These activities are proved and timely-tested beyond any reasonable doubt in affecting one’s health positively. The activities include:


Sleep is among thspe recommended best antinodes in restoring your body organs to working more efficiently. Just like with machines, our bodies require being stopped or halted for a significant amount of time. This helps in renewing the strength of the various body organs. It also prevents you from overworking your body which would lead to a breakdown. Such a failure in your organs is manifested through death or even sickness.


It is recommended for everyone to have at lest eight hours of sound sleep on a daily basis. This helps the body organs to work efficiently. You should never strain your body. Resting your body is a natural course which impacts positively on your health.

Plan everyday

Many sicknesses such as heartaches result due to poor planning of activities which one undertakes daily. Failure to plan for your activities strains the brain. It also leads to overworking of your body which might cause headaches and high fevers. You are therefore advised to plan all your activities in advance. Proper planning helps in improving your health considerably.

Anticipate less

Most people have a tendency of anticipating in unfolding of events as well as the outcomes of their decisions. Too much anticipation of the future is wrong. This puts a lot of pressure on your body which is unnecessary. It affects your health negatively especially your heart. Other activities for the day are also affected when you are under pressure. So, always anticipate less and allow God to take control of the planned activities.


Relaxation helps in setting the body in its perfect and right tone. Recreational activities assist in relaxing your body. Such activities include listening to music, sightseeing, watching a video, etc. they help in refreshing our bodies.

Laugh more

Laughter is a tool which improves one’s health. It helps in relaxing the body muscles enabling them to work efficiently. Clinical psychologists have used this technique as therapy for treating people with depression. It helps them to restore their emotional state.
Other methods include exercise and control of one’s temper.…