Infertility is a very sensitive issue which confronts women and couples who have tried to get pregnant for a long time. Fortunately, various scientific breakthroughs have made it possible for such couples to get pregnant, even when they are aged above forty years. It has also helped to some of the unfortunate fertility issues. The breakthroughs include artificial insemination, fertility pills, and intro-vitro fertilization.

Some of the measures are very expensive and are associated with certain disadvantages and risks. The natural means are preferred by most women to increase female fertility. Here are some of the effective ways of increasing female activity. According to women and fertility experts, these methods have been successfully used by women to become pregnant.

Eat food which boosts fertility

adsadfssfsqfThese foods are very rich in vitamins C, B, D and E, folic acid, zinc, selenium, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. Examples are fresh vegetables and fruits, fish such as salmon and tuna, beans and whole grains.



Much stress including the one resulting from trying to get pregnant leads one to conceive.

Having sexual intercourse in your fertile periods

This means having intercourse with the menstrual cycle of a woman. Having sex some hours just before ovulation or on ovulation day is also an ideal. Others believe in abstaining from sex for a few days before ovulation helps.

Rose water and shaffron powder

Some women might be suffering from flu-like or oily ovaries. Such ovaries usually have a problem in holding onto the sperm for long thus letting it slip out. Mixing some rose water with some shaffron powder and taking it twice in a day helps in treating this problem naturally and effectively.

Fenugreek and fennel seeds powder

These herbs play a great role in treating female infertility. Both fenugreek and fennel seeds are crushed to obtain a fine powder. You can now take a half teaspoon of this powder together with a cup of boiled water every day. This helps in reducing inflammation and ovarian pain significantly. You should take it before sleeping to get the desired results.

Banyan tree milkjpohbigotg8u

Sperms in men above the age of thirty-five years show more damage than in younger men. This excellent remedy can be used in correcting this problem. You are advised to take a spoonful of banyan milk on a daily basis before sleeping or immediately after waking up. This method works very effectively on watery semen, damaged cells and combating male infertility.

Babul tree gum, fruit, flower, and bark.

All these parts of babul tree are very efficient in treating female and male infertility. Dry the various parts to make a powder.…