Anal & Vaginal Health


Modern statistics propose that the number of people contracting sexually transmitted infections is increasing quickly. These infections can be contracted through sexual contact of any kind. It can either be oral, anal or vaginal intercourse through which you contract an STI. A sexually transmitted infection can either be bacterial or viral in nature. Despite both types of STI can cause serious health complications, they differ in that bacterial diseases can be healed completely if prescriptions are used correctly. Viral STIs, on the other hand, can only be treated by using antiviral medications, with the virus remaining dormant in your body after each one of the crashes.

Here are some of the ways how to ensure anal and vaginal health;

Maintain hygiene

While engaging in oral sex, do not forget the hygienic side. Both the man and woman must clean their private parts before and after the act. Oral sex enhances various sexual infections and therefore should be highly avoided. You can also utilizeĀ Vaginal Bleaching Creams & Intimate Whitening for Women, but make sure that you use safe products.


Have sex with a man and woman

The safest mode, of course, is the sexual relations between a husband and wife. This is what we consider the natural limits. When we cross any limit set by nature, it will certainly fix us. Anal sex and sex between two identical sexes, all are like crossing the nature’s boundary that invites certain punishments. As a result of crossing the limits set up by nature, we find the rising cases of sexually transmitted diseases, and the life-threatening hazards of AIDS or HIV.

Avoid uncertified oils

Avoid using uncertified oils or in a case of vaginal dryness, and other substances for lubrication; this is essential to prevent fungal and other infections.

Avoid unprotected sex

hdhd74As we all know the increasing state of sexually transmitted infections, where AIDS and HIV are more dominant and inevitable. The toll is rising fast since people seek illegitimate sexual outlets where you do not know your sexual partners’ standing perhaps you are not the only one having sex with him or her); you do not know what diseases he or she is suffering from. The response to such an enigma is, avoid unprotected sex with new associates or while having sex outside the marriage line. But how safe is the use of the condom, is it 100% safe?

Unprotected sex invites negative consequences, such as incurable diseases such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, and Herpes, curable diseases such as Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonnorhea, Infertility, Cervical cancer, unwanted pregnancy and other complications associated with its termination.

Use a condom

The use of the condom prevents you from acquiring many sexually transmitted diseases; but this method is not 100% safe, be cautious.

Put on the condom carefully and pinch the air out of the top when putting it on otherwise the condom will break. If you have to use lubricants, use a water-based one, otherwise other lubricating media like body lotion, butter, and petroleum jelly can break down latex condoms.…